Thursday, 3 May 2012

"Ugly Bugs" week at Little ARTventurers

It's still yukky, grey and cold outside - really hard to believe that it's May already!

We had loads of colourful fun at Little ARTventurers this week though despite those grey skies - the little ones made some fab things so thought I'd share a few pics and activities with you.....

Handprint Butterflies

These were a big hit with the mums/dads/grans/carers - handprint activities are always lovely to look back on, difficult to believe that their hands were ever that small! We started by making handprints on card with ready mix paint - varying degrees of success acheived but they didn't need to be perfect! The first class I ran this week I think I got a bit too giddy with the paint and there were some super-squelchy prints! Subsequently I painted a thin-ish layer of paint on the plate for printing and that worked better

How will you make your handprint - plonk your hands straight into the paint? Get paint on one then rub them together? Paint or sponge your hand?...loads of different ways to try!

Whilst the children were occupied with other activities I quickly cut the prints out and they then made them into these lovely sparkly butterflies - easy and self explanatory really. We added a hole and then hung them up with ribbon :)

Paper plate bugs

A lovely easy activity which I combined with some scissor practice too - plates and paint, splodgers for spots, wiggly eyes, cardboard and scissors for cutting their own stripes or features.....they turned out great! I have a range of different scissors - the easy-grip sprung type for the littlies, some of the teaching scissors with double holes, normal safety scissors....I personally found teaching my own two children to use scissors quite tricky and so I'm always keen to incoporate scissor practice in the classes. In fact I think that scissor skills might be one of my next blog posts.......

Anyway, here's some of our Ugly Bugs......


We also made some cute very Hungry Caterpillars out of the letter "c" - plus some squidgy paint butterflies too!

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