Monday, 16 April 2012

Bubble wrap painting!

I've been busy busy planning all of the different activities for the pre school classes this half term (new term starts tomorrow!) and bubble wrap painting has to feature on there somewhere. Whenever bubble wrap comes out children just love the stuff - it's so tactile and sensory. So the combination of bubble wrap and paint has to be a winning one!

Over time I've tried different bubble wrap painting techniques and used the activity on various different projects. Last half term I did a holiday session where we bubble wrap painted with large heart shapes for Valentines day which was very cute - we also did bubble wrap sea creatures earlier this year.

Technique one is the easiest - simply cut up strips of bubble wrap and provide large plates of paint. The children can press the bubble wrap into the paint and then onto the paper to make prints - simple as that! Or some children prefer to have a brush or sponge to paint onto the bubble wrap first before pressing onto the paper. Mixing colours on the paper looks fab.

Technique two is also great fun - I made bubble wrap rollers by wrapping sheets of bubble wrap round some mini rolling pins - the children could then roll them through the paint and then onto the paper. Not quite as tactile but still lots of fun and great for coordination!

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