Friday, 27 July 2012

London 2012 is here at last - Olympic art activities!

Well at long last after all the hype, the planning, the security scandals ;)'s the Olympic opening ceremony tonight. I'll definately be watching the event on tv tonight with my two little ones - they're quite hyped up about the Olympics now after the build up at school over the last few weeks!

At Little ARTventurers we did an Olympic theme a few weeks ago when the Olympic torch passed through Sunderland and it was great fun! We made Olympic torches, our own winners medals, GB flags to wave and made our own version of the Olympic rings with paint and cookie cutters!

The Olympic torches were especially popular! I had pre cut some black torch shapes and also had some yellow flame shaped pieces of card (left over from Bonfire night!). Other than that the kids used their own creative skills -snipping , cutting, scrunching, tearing pieces of tissue paper, cellophane and other remnants and using paint too to create their very fiery torches!

Any activity involving paint is a sure winner and the cookie cutter Olympic ring paintings were lots of fun!

I love any sort of printing activity like this one - great for developing motor skills, fab for introducing shapes, colours and colour mixing and you can easily adapt it to any theme. We did some great cookie cutter prints for St Paddy's day too! You can also introduce a bit of sparkle by printing with PVA glue and sprinkling glitter over it :) 

The medals and flags also looked great and super colourful - we used crepe paper streamers to hang our medals from for obvious safety reasons!

Hopefully these ideas might provide you with inspiration for some activities with your own little ARTventurers - and enjoy the Olympics!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Shaving foam puffy paint!

Last week we did one of my favourite painting activities - shaving foam puffy paint! It's great fun - sensory,messy, colourful and smells lovely too :)

We made our puffy paint ourselves by squirting shaving foam onto a plate and mixing it up with a big dollop of PVA glue. Good fun just mixing it up, swirling our brushes round and round!

We then added colour with a squirt of ready mix paint - I did a few plates of different colours

Now it's time to get painting - brushes or hands/fingers work best I find - rollering tends to take the puff out of it! Because the puffy paint has glue in it you can stick things straight onto it too - we experimented with some crepe paper streamers and tissue paper as it was a "Birthday" theme session!

The puffy paint has a 3d textured effect when dry. Enjoy!