Friday, 6 July 2012

Shaving foam puffy paint!

Last week we did one of my favourite painting activities - shaving foam puffy paint! It's great fun - sensory,messy, colourful and smells lovely too :)

We made our puffy paint ourselves by squirting shaving foam onto a plate and mixing it up with a big dollop of PVA glue. Good fun just mixing it up, swirling our brushes round and round!

We then added colour with a squirt of ready mix paint - I did a few plates of different colours

Now it's time to get painting - brushes or hands/fingers work best I find - rollering tends to take the puff out of it! Because the puffy paint has glue in it you can stick things straight onto it too - we experimented with some crepe paper streamers and tissue paper as it was a "Birthday" theme session!

The puffy paint has a 3d textured effect when dry. Enjoy!

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