Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Muffin tin printing!

This week at Little ARTventurers we're exploring circles and trying print making! The activity that really went down a storm at this mornings class was making prints with cakes and muffin tins - lots of fun and really simple to try at home

You'll need
Muffin or cake tins
Ready mix paint
Large sheets of paper (the children wanted to do lots of these prints so have lots of paper on standby!)
Cotton wool buds

The children painted the base of the tins with paint - some wanted to brush the paint on, some using rollers and some used their hands! With the large round cake tins they could then use the cotton wool buds to draw patterns in the paint.

Press the cake tin onto the paper firmly - 1,2,3...and hey presto you've got a fab print!

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