Saturday, 18 June 2011

Kids crafts for Fathers Day!

It’s Fathers Day tomorrow – so here’s a few suggestions of some Fathers Day crafts you can do at home – suitable for all ages! All tried and tested at our sessions…
Handprint Boat Fathers Day card
For this cute card you’ll need
-         Stiff A4 card
-         Some other coloured card or paper
-         Glue
-         Pens and paint

Fold the card in half and cut some shapes out of the paper – a half circle and two triangles. For older kids it’s good scissor practice, for tiny ones get them to pick out the shapes. Glue the shapes as pictured to form a boat shape then get your child to make a handprint on the sails using the paint. On the pic I’ve printed the message on the front of the card but you could get your child to write it out. It’s a simple card to make but looks very effective!

To make this bookmark we cut a long strip of card and glued to the top of it a car outline shape. We then decorated the bookmarks in the session using paint dabbers but you could try finger painting, gluing on some embellishments, whatever you like….
Printed football
Something the smallest artists can produce – a potato printed football for dad!Really easy to do – just cut out a large circle from white card and squeeze out some black paint onto a plate. I then cut some potatoes into hexagonal shapes (roughly!) to print onto the footballs – and bobs your uncle! It’s a good idea to have a spare piece of paper nearby to get rid of any excess paint before you start printing on the football. Really popular activity!

Paperweight or small plaque
Use air dried clay to create a paperweight for dad. Shape the clay and then you can press stones or pebbles into the clay to create a design. Leave to dry according to instructions and then you can also varnish it for durability with a couple of coats of clear varnish

Stone paperweight

I love doing this craft with my two kids! We can spend hours on the beach picking stones – simply clean, paint and then varnish with a couple of coats of clear varnish. Bound to brighten up dad or grandad’s desk

Hope everyone has a fab Fathers Day! x

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