Sunday, 19 June 2011

10 Reasons why art and creative activities are so important for children

I have always spent a lot of time doing art and crafts with my two children from a very early age at home - here's a pic of my youngest Isaac when he was 12 months old after a fun but very messy painting session!!

Now I know that many parents are put off doing art and crafts at home with their little ones because of the mess - which is why classes like my Little ARTventurers pre school sessions are so popular as you can leave the mess behind for us to clear up! - but here's a little reminder of why it's so important for us to get our little ones involved in creative activities from an early age :
  • Children learn by using their senses and art is a great learning tool from a very early age
  • Art stimulates both sides of the brain
  • Art promotes self expression and self esteem
  • Art and craft activities develop hand-eye coordination
  • Art helps to develop creative thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Art and craft activities aid concentration
  • Studies show that children who participate in art activities read better and get higher grades in maths and science
  • Art encourages children to think more about their environment
  • Art is a great social activity for all ages - encouraging frienships and strengthening relationships 
  • Art and craft is rewarding and fun!

    Experimenting with splodgers, dabbers and other painting tools and spending some quality time with mum at one of our pre-school sessions!
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