Thursday, 15 March 2012

St Patricks day art activity - cookie cutter printing!

With St Patricks Day as well as Mothers day this weekend we did a really simple toddler art activity for St Paddy at Little ARTventurers this week - green and glittery!

What you'll need -

Paper (we used green but can be any colour!)
Cookie cutters
PVA glue
Glitter (we used green)
Green Paint (we used a couple of different shades)

Pour out the paint onto a plate (or two if you are using different shades) and the PVA onto a different plate. Let your child press the cookie cutters into the paint/glue and then onto the paper to make prints. Sprinkle with glitter to add sparkle! In order to encourage and develp fine motor skills I never put glitter out in shakers but pour an amount into tubs so that the children can pinch up small amounts with their fingertips and sprinkle onto the paper. Sounds messy but believe me it's not as messy as giving them a whole shaker - just make sure you've also got a large tray or plate ready to shake off the excess onto!

Here's a few my Little ARTventurers created this week - fab!

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