Friday, 17 February 2012

Paper bag monsters!

This week is half term and I've had such a lovely week I wish we could do it all again! I feel really lucky that although I have been working I'm doing something that I absolutely love, plus I've had lots of time with my two little ones who've been able to come along to work with me when I've been running classes.

This week's Little ARTventurers sessions were titled "Monster Messy Madness" - so called because we made monsters, it was quite messy, and some of the things we had a go at painting with were a bit mad! (bubble wrap and string painting....). One of the activities we did that went down a storm were the paper bag monsters so thought I'd share the idea on's a quick and easy project that works well for all age groups.

For the monsters I used pre bought white paper bags - however if you don't have one of these you could just sellotape two pieces of paper together leaving one side open.

As there are lots of littlies at my sessions I had pre drawn eyes and cut them out plus pre cut other shapes out of card for noses, mouths, teeth, monster spikes etc. I also provided card and scissors so the older ones could cut out their own monster features!

The children used glue to stick their features onto the bag to make their monster faces. Some were scary, some quite friendly! We then stuffed the bags with rolled up balls of newspaper and then sealed them shut with sellotape. Colour was added with paint - using fingers or sponges to give the monsters spots!

Here's some of the monsters we made......

You could add arms and legs to your paper bag monster too!


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