Thursday, 20 September 2012

Little Doers craft boxes - tried and tested!

This summer there was much excitement in our house when my own two Little ARTventurers were sent a craft box from Little Doers to try and review! Little Doers supply 4 weekly childrens craft boxes by post - filled with 4 activity packs, one for each week.

You can't underestimate the delight of getting a parcel in your very own name when you're a little person (oh what a shame that changes when we grow up and have that sinking feeling instead when bills and bank statements slide through the letter box!) - and what an intriguing looking box it was!

The box was excitedly prised open and they were straight away into the first envelope. Ours was an Olympic themed month and the first activity envelope contained everything needed to complete an Olympic flag craft activity, plus some flag themed worksheets as well. All I needed to do was cover the table and grab some scissors - everything else really was included, from glue to powdered paint with little pots to mix it up in, an apron, sachets of sand and glitter and all of the materials to make the flag. The Olympic rings were pre cut from card, the flag material was supplied and it was up to the children to assemble to flag and decorate it.

Having fun making alien eyes with the little pots!

Carefully decorating one of the Olympic rings

The finished flag!
The actual craft activity was a big hit with both of my Little ARTventurers (age 4 and 6) - they enjoyed working together as a team to make their flag and the Olympic theme of our box obviously held great appeal for both of them! The materials supplied with all of the crafts were of excellent quality and the instructions sheets supplied (if you needed it) was clear and easy to read. The activity sheets included with each weekly pack are a good idea and my eldest really enjoyed them - Isaac less so but things like that rarely hold much appeal for him.
Anything that encourages childrens creativity gets the thumbs up from me and if you don't have a lot of craft materials at home or the time to plan activities (or get stuck for inspiration and ideas!) then Little Doers craft boxes are a great idea as it's all planned and provided for you. I also think that a subscription could make a lovely gift - and good for taking on a trip away too!
Getting the thumbs up from Erin!
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