Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weather themed crafts!

This week at Little ARTventurers we did some weather themed activities - a lovely colourful session to brighten up the grey January days!

Firstly we painted some gorgeous brightly coloured rainbows on the floor. Big and bold art activities are always a firm favourite so we used huge pieces of paper for the artwork. I put out plates of paint in all of the colours of the rainbow plus lots of collage bits and pieces - tissue paper, feathers, glue, scissors, card etc. The younger kids loved painting all over their paper and doing handprints, the older children tried painting their rainbows with the right colours and then sticking the collage materials on top as a colour matching exercise.

I think you'll agree these are fab!.....

We made sparkly suncatchers using paper plates and pieces of sticky backed plastic! If you were wanting to try this one at home you'll need

Paper plate
Sticky backed plastic
Tissue paper
Sequins, glitter or other sparkles!
Some string or thread or something for hanging

I pre cut the centre circles out of the plates and also pre cut circles of sticky backed plastic to a slightly larger size than the cut out hole in the centre of the plate (if that makes sense!). I stuck one circle onto the reverse of the plate so that the centre of the plate was then a sticky area for the kids to work with. They made their suncatchers by sticking tissue paper and sparkles onto the sticky area - no glue needed and lots of fun! When they had finished we stuck the other plastic circle on the top to "seal" it - they then decorated the rest of the suncatcher with paints, paper streamers etc - add a hole and thread with string for hanging and hey presto! A very colourful sparkly suncatcher!

What else did we do for Weather week? We made some rainshakers with cardboard tubes - filled them with lentils and dried spaghetti and decorated them with paints and paper. The children loved making these and we used cellophane paper to seal the contents in at each end which meant that the children could still see inside them. We then used them in our music time at the end of the session!

We also made storm clouds using cotton wool and used paint and collage materials to create some very colourful umbrellas!

A lovely colour filled week to banish those January blues!!

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