Friday, 4 November 2011

Whizz, bang! Bonfire Night Crafts!

This week at Little ARTventurers we've been doing a fireworks theme - I am still picking all of the glitter out of my hair!!

If you fancy doing some Bonfire Night crafts at home here's what we've been doing....

Bonfire collages

I made a big pile of coloured tissue paper and cellophane pieces in the middle of the tuff spot on the floor this week in lovely firey colours and added some twigs and sticks. It looked like a gorgeous crinkly bonfire! The children had a large piece of clack card and stuck the different papers on to make the fire, adding twigs at the bottom which we fixed on with masking tape. Don't worry if the pieces of paper aren't all stuck down properly - it adds to the effect! The finished results were really great

Sparklers and rockets

We made our own fireworks! We made sparklers with a piece of black card which we laid flat on the table. Along the longest edge we stuck some shiny sparkly things - I had some of those "cocktail straws", we used tinfoil strips, srips of cellophane and also pipe cleaners which we dipped in glue then glitter. Roll it up, secure with tape and you have your own shiny sparkler for Bonfire night! We used ours at circle time to make shapes and dance with.

We also made rockets with larger pieces of card - rolled into a tube, added some tissue paper streamers and lots of glitter of course!

Glittery fireworks pictures

This is a really simple and effective craft. We simply painted on black card using pva glue - using brushes or sticks and making firework swirly shapes. Add lots of coloured glitter, shake off excess and hey presto - a fab fireworks picture! We also added string for texture.

String painting

With my painting activities I really try and get away from painting simply with paintbrushes or rollers and string painting is lots of fun and creates a great firework-y type effect. There are different ways of string painting - for this session we dipped string in paint and then danced it accross large pieces of paper to create a fantastic effect. I popped a peg on the end of each string and then showed the children how to hold the peg rather than the string - it makes it easier for them to manovere and control the string.

I only wish I could add a picture of the great string paintings we created but for some reason I can't upload them :(. Will try again later....

Chalk pictures

Try drawing firework patterns on dark coloured construction paper using chalks - chunky chalks are great for little hands to hold

Have a great and safe Bonfire Night everyone!

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