Monday, 1 August 2011

Make a Summer Suncatcher!

The photo of this craft doesn't really do it justice - when we made these they looked really pretty and sparkly hung up in the sun and the children in the session really loved making them!

What you'll need is some sticky back plastic (2 circles of it) - an assortment of sequins, tissue paper and maybe some glitter, a hole punch and some ribbon.

I cut the two circles of sticky backed plastic out by drawing round a tea plate - leaving the paper backing in place of course! Then we peeled the backing off one circle and laid it on the table sticky side up. The children then had loads of fun arranging the tissue paper and sequins on the circle.

To make the suncatcher we then peeled the backing off the second circle and placed it over the first (so both sticky sides together if that makes sense!). Hole punched a hole at the top for hanging, threaded ribbon through and there you go - a lovely suncatcher that really sparkles!

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